RATMO Smart Trap

RATMO is your 24/7 smart trap solution for pest control

RATMO Smart and digital rodent control, originally invented in Denmark by Arctic Systems, is based on IoT technology and combines digitalisation and pest control. The innovative RATMO solution provides electronic and sustainable pest management.

RATMO brings a new smart methods into play, and reduces the number of rodents without using rodenticides.

By using the RATMO Smart City solution together with our RATMO IoT monitoring device, you can now monitor rat traps 24/7 and plan effective routines for rodent management.

How does it work ?

Watch the short video to learn how the RATMO system works.

Sustainable & non-toxic solution

Our lifestyles and ever-increasing population creates perfect conditions for rats. As our use of resources increases, we are becoming more aware of treating our environment with the care it deserves.

RATMO is a non-toxic and sustainable solution that supports the global trend about prohibiting rodenticides and avoiding secondary poisoning (people, birds and animals).

The RATMO solution supports the increasing health, hygiene and environmental focus and uses organic bait instead of poison.

RATMO Smart rodent control provides full in-house control

RATMO provides full in-house control via app and webterminal

With RATMO, municipalities, pest controllers and private companies now have an option to own and run their own digital pest control system.

RATMO provides full in-house control and  online overview of rodent activity as well as technicians’ working activities.

This new insight helps planning the most efficient way to combat, what in many cases has been an unclear and undocumented battle.

Collect data via the IBM WATSON hosted platform and learn about the rodents you deal with.

Easy to use - Plug & Play

RATMO Digital rodent control device on cage trap

RATMO is an intelligent solution that fits on all market leading snap traps and cage traps.

The RATMO solution is easy to install and use.

The RATMO solution is a Plug & Play solution.

A strong and robust solution

We believe that reliability is one of the most important factors for the user, and therefore we have designed and tested the RATMO device to the same drop test standards as the American army employ.

Watch our video RATMO Test Highlights and be impressed about the strengths of the RATMO device.

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