MASTER EKO can be used in private homes, hotels, offices, warehouses, vehicles and many more locations. Contact us to know more.

EKO 3’s small dimensions (455x440x600mm) make it portable. EKO 9 is larger, but has wheels to facilitate transportation.

Master Climate Solutions is a world leading manufacturer of machinery for air processing. They have a range of products for heating, cooling, drying and ventilating. One of these products is the MASTER EKO. Headquartered in Italy, MCS have distributorships around the world. RATMO FZE is proud to be the only Distributor of the MASTER EKO products in the UAE.

RATMO FZE offers product solutions for complete elimination of pests, viruses and bacteria in a safe, sustainable, effective and efficient manner. Our solutions help businesses save costs on manpower and the use of toxic chemicals for disinfection. Today, RATMO FZE offers an IoT based solutions incliding a Digital Rodent Control device and newly introduced MASTER EKO heat treatment solution to rid your homes, offices, cars, hospitals, clinics, etc. of disease-causing creatures.

It takes nearly 3-6 hours for the disinfection process to take place. The time also depends on the size of the room.

Master EKO has a digital remote thermostat, which will cause the device to stop heating once the treatment has ended.

Since temperatures can reach high levels of up to 60 degrees Celsius, it is advisable for the room to be vacated for 3-6 hours from the start of the treatment.

EKO 3 delivers 800 m3/h of hot air using only 2.8 kW at 240 V (single phase).
EKO 9 delivers 1400 m3/h of hotair using only 9 kW at 380 V (three phase).

MASTER EKO products are CE certified and REHVA approved for safe use. Its efficient use of energy and conformity to enviornment protection standards. Depending on the model used the energy consumption can be 2.8 kw/h for EKO 3 and 7.7 kw/h for EKO 9 machines.

MASTER EKO machines are easy to use. RATMO FZE Sales and support team, as master dealers for the machines, will assist in installation and training. You can also call in for After Sales Service, available at nominal charges

The time taken depends on the rooms size and its contents. To have the disinfectionn process completed in least time, it is advisable to have the room kept ready

Depending on the area to be treated.

Master EKO can be purchased by calling 971 5858 72866.

MASTER EKO machines come in 3 sizes. EKO 3 weights about 19 kg and the size of a large vaccum cleaner, EKO 9 weighs 35 kg, it comes as a mobile unit.

MASTER EKO uses heating upto 60 degree celsius. As a prep before use of the machine, it is advisable that any valuable, perishable, delicate items and materials be removed from the room.

MASTER EKO products are CE certified and REHVA approved. MASTER EKO use heating temperatures upto 60 degree celsius for elimination of pests,cockroaches, virus, bacteria, bugs and is applied in a closed and sealed room enviornment. The machine has an inbuilt overheat thermostat and a motor with thermal protection and intervention. It is a chemical free disinfection and leaves no residue hence

MASTER EKO comes in 3 sizes, depending upon the size of the room. The right size machine will recommended by the Sales support team of RATMO FZE

MASTER EKO product use of HEAT Treatment for eliminating pests, cockroaches, virus, bugs and bacteria is CE approved. RATMO FZE has been working with various municipality across UAE and has generated keen interest.

You must use MASTER EKO for an eco-friendly, easy to use, efficient solution to elimination of pest, virus, bugs, bacteria. Pest Companies offering disinfection uses chemicals that are harmful for the enviornment and stay on surfaces, exposing risk of human connection (secondary poisoning)

The Temperature is controlled via an external digital remote thermostat THK,
specific for this application and comes with an overheat Thermostat

EKO is a mobile heater which can heat any room or area effectivey. It works on the fact that viruses, bugs, larvae and eggs die of dehydration, when kept at a temperature above 45°C for a few hours

MASTER EKO is similar to other mobile Heaters in the way it heats. However it is different in the ways that when placed inside the room and recirculates the air,increasing the temperature by 15°C at a time.

EKO is a NEW product from the makers of MCS – Master Control Systems, a European compancy within parent DANTHERM. MCS is a world leading manufacturer of machinery for air processing. It is NEW product brought into UAE by RATMO FZE, solution providers for Sustainable,Efficient,No Toxic products for Pest Elimination

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