The RATMO platform

1. The RATMO Platform - The RATMO device

The RATMO platform consists of RATMO device
  • The intelligent RATMO device, based on IoT technology, is designed with the user and the environment in mind.
  • The RATMO device transforms a conventional rat trap into a remote sensor and data collector.
  • The robust RATMO device is designed to take more than its fair share of bumps and knocks, whilst maintaining its ability to monitor and report.
  • We have tested the unit to the same drop test standard as the American army employ – IP 66 and Military Drop tested (MILSPEC 810).
  • See the Technical specifications.

2. The RATMO Platform - The Smart City App

The RATMO platform consists of smart city app
  • The customer’s own technical team is equipped with the Smart City App, and can monitor rodent activity 24/7.
  • As soon as a RATMO device register a snap, the device sends a real-time message to your smart phone.
  • Maps, addresses, and routes are all available to show which traps need to be checked and where dead rodents are to be collected.
  • With this new technology there will be no wasted visits to trap locations.
  • The Smart City App saves time and provides efficient staff management.

3. The RATMO Platform - The Smart City Web Terminal

RATMO Smart City app and web terminal
  • The customer will have full access to the Smart City Web Terminal hosted by IBM Watson with live updates on rat activity 24/7. 
  • The Smart City Web Terminal is giving an excellent graphical overview of
    • Catchment areas
    • Time of catch
    • Trap efficiency
    • Site visit frequency
    • Temperature at catch
    • Seasonal variance
    • Preferred bait
    • Trend analysis
    • Pictures
  • The Smart City Web Terminal provides the customer with data for statistical analysis and reporting.
  • Get a new and transparent picture of rodent life.

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