News January 2021

RATMO expands into Egypt !

We are proud to announce that RATMO Digital & Sustainable rodent system is now also fully operational in Egypt.

Egypt is developing rapidly and fortunately also focusing on both smart and green technology.

With RATMO, we are happy to be part of this journey.

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News October 2020

Wildflight Bird Pest Control

We are happy to announce that RATMO has  partnered up with WILDFLIGHT, which is a leading company within bird pest control.

The RATMO digital solution has proven to be very successful within bird pest control, delivering a supportive and eco-friendly solution.


News May 2020

RATMO has been tested to the extreme

Watch our new video RATMO Test Highlights and be impressed about the robustness and  physical strength of the RATMO device.

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News April 2020


Bacteria and virus
Master EKO standing in hotel room
Master EKO standing in a kitchen

We are happy to inform that RATMO FZE is now also the exclusive reseller in the United Arab Emirates for Master Climate Solutions (MCS).  

RATMO FZE now offers disinfection products for killing PEST, VIRUS & BACTERIA using HEAT instead of poison and chemicals.

The Master EKO is a sustainable and non-toxic solution that kills bugs and insects (including eggs and larvae) within a few hours.

The Master EKO is also suitable for killing virus and bacteria (including coronavirus) without using poison at all.


December 2019

We are happy to announce that RATMO FZE has been selected for the tender, for implementing intelligent and digital rodent control in the Municipality of Ajman, United Arab Emirates.

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October & November 2019

Installations and increased number of RATMO devices in various malls in the UAE.

News Installation big mall in Dubai
News Installation mall in Dubai
News Installation Mall in Dubai

October 2019

RATMO installation at The Plaza, Sustainable City, Dubai.

News Installation The Plaza
Installation The Plaza

News September 2019

RATMO FZE was honored being invited to attend the first Ajman Pest Control Forum Exhibition at Ajman X Building, with the purpose of presenting rodent control based on AI technology and combined with sustainability. 

Here are some pictures from our very busy stand as well as from the ceremony, where RATMO FZE received award from Ajman Municipality. We are very proud of this and look forward to continue doing business with Ajman Municipality as well as both existing and new customers.

News Participation Ajman Pest Control Exhibition
News Discussion at Ajman Pest Control Forum Exhibition.
News Busy with customers
News CEO Jan Holm Pedersen awarded